Mátyás Bittenbinder in Dutch Newspaper AD and De Vooravond

About spiders, frogs, puffer fish and many more

02/22/2021 | 10:08 AM

Does the idea that a beast can harm you with a bite, sting or touch give you the chills? It is not necessarily dangerous, says Mátyás Bittenbinder in the Dutch newspaper AD. “First of all, it is important to know that there are two types of toxic animals. In English they speak of venomous and poisonous. Read the article or watch the video from Universiteit van Nederland (both in Dutch).

Spiders in Mátyás' Cabinet of Curiosities
Mátyás' brings spiders from his cabinet of curiosities. Male spiders seem to be very good at the art of seduction. We humans could learn something from that. Watch the video (in Dutch).