Proteomimetics – An emerging new research field at the interface of Chemistry and Biology

Tom Grossmann (AIMMS; VU University) and Seth Horne (University of Pittsburgh) give a thorough definition of the term “proteomimetics” in Nature Chemistry

02/17/2020 | 3:30 PM

The complexity of proteins has inspired scientists to seek artificial mimetics of proteins. Historically, most such work has focused on analogues of small, isolated segments; however, there is growing interest in mimicry of larger, intact tertiary folds. In a burgeoning field of research, scientists are advancing diverse strategies for the creation of “proteomimetics,” artificial chemical scaffolds able to mimic complex protein tertiary structures. The emerging field of proteomimetics research promises to benefit from this diversity and lead to important advances that address central questions associated with human health and a more sustainable society. In their perspective in Nature Chemistry, Tom Grossmann (AIMMS; VU University) and Seth Horne (University of Pittsburgh), for the first time, give a thorough definition of the term “proteomimetics” and discuss recent developments as well as remaining challenges in the field.