Professor Matthias Bickelhaupt appointed as a Chemistry Europe Fellow

AIMMS CPS department head Matthias Bickelhaupt appointed as a Chemistry Europe Fellow

05/11/2020 | 9:14 AM

Professor Bickelhaupt is the head of the Department of Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences (AIMMS) at VU Amsterdam and Full Professor of Theoretical Chemistry. His work focuses on the development of theories and methods for the analysis of chemical bonding and chemical reactivity, and has applications in organic, inorganic and biological chemistry.

His appointment as a Fellow is the highest award from Chemistry Europe. It is granted in recognition of extraordinary contributions to the journals of the sixteen affiliated national chemistry associations, ‘which promote the European approach to science in a unique manner.’ The Fellows are elected every two years from a selection of nominees from previous years. Other Chemistry Europe Fellows from the Netherlands include Nobel Prize winner Ben Feringa and winners of the Spinoza Prize Bert Meijer and Bert Weckhuysen.