ITN funding for E-MUSE

AIMMS Researcher Bas Teusink is part of the E-MUSE consortium of microbiologists

06/08/2020 | 3:57 PM

A consortium of microbiologists, systems biologists and computational scientists, which includes AIMMS researcher Bas Teusink, have formed the E-MUSE ITN training network to develop novel methods that combine mechanistic models with machine learning approaches to understand complex biological processes. For this, E-MUSE focusses on cheese making and ripening, a complex fermentation process of major importance to the European food industry that involves multiple agents (enzymes, microbes, consumers), factors (milk composition, salt, temperature) and time scales.

Bas Teusink Funding - groot

Bas Teusink explains the use of modeling at the 12th iInternational Symposium on Lacic Acid Bacteria (2017)