Collaboration between AIMMS research groups results in front cover publication in Molecular Microbiology

The article is about small molecule inhibitors of autotransporter biogenesis in Gram-negative bacteria

07/15/2019 | 2:31 PM

Disarming pathogens by targeting virulence factors is a promising alternative to classic antibiotics that kill bacteria indiscriminately. Many virulence factors in Gram-negative bacteria are secreted via the Autotransporter pathway. In a recent study published in Molecular Microbiology, Maurice Steenhuis (AIMMS, group of Joen Luirink) and colleagues therefore designed a high-throughput assay to screen for Autotransporter inhibitors. In collaboration with the division of Medicinal Chemistry (AIMMS, group of Maikel Wijtmans) the authors screened the in-house VUF compound library and identified a fragment-based compound that impairs secretion of autotransporters. Further development of the compound and screening method are likely to impact anti-virulence strategies. This work is funded by the AIMMS-STAR NWO grant with the ultimate goal to find novel antibiotics.

Find the open access article here.

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