Multiple AIMMS researchers explain their scientific research in (inter)national media

From plastic, to flame retardants and hydrogen bonds

05/13/2019 | 10:29 AM

Heather Leslie about the unknown effects of plastic exposure to the human body
AIMMS researcher Heather Leslie investigates together with colleague Dick Vethaak the health risks of microplastics. ZonMw initiated fifteen research projects into the effects of microplastic on our health, and Leslie and Vethaak are involved in seven of these research projects (read more). Heather Leslie explains the new research projects into the unknown effects of plastic exposure to the human body in both the Dutch online journalism platform ‘De Correspondent’  and the Dutch radio programme ‘Niews en Co’.

Jacob de Boer states his opinion on flame retardants in Science
Although the harmful effects of plastics are not fully known yet, the effects of flame retardants is largely known and authorities should prohibit industry from continuing to produce harmful flame retardants, as there are good alternatives. This is advocated by AIMMS professor Jacob de Boer in an opinion piece in Science. Already in 1998 De Boer and colleagues published in Nature about the dangers of fire retardants with halogens in them. The halogens in fire retardants are harmful to humans and the environment. Read more about this topic or read the full article here.

Theoretical-chemical research on hydrogen bonds on cover JACS
Theoretical chemists Célia Fonseca Guerra and Stephanie van der Lubbe have published their scientific results on hydrogen bridges in the high-profile multidisciplinary journal ‘Journal of the American Chemical Society’. With this article the AIMMS researchers have received a place on the cover of the journal. Read more about their research or read the full article here.