First students for STAR graduate programme selected

The Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems has selected the first students for the STAR graduate programme.

03/07/2014 | 11:48 AM

LogoIn September 2013, AIMMS started with the Scientific Top Training in Antimicrobial Research (STAR) graduate programme. All first-year students of the Master’s programmes in Drug Discovery and Safety, Biomolecular Sciences and Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at VU University Amsterdam were eligible to apply for this programme.

On basis of grades, performances and references from Master’s coordinators, the STAR committee selected the first 23 STAR students. Their names are stated below.

Coming June, the next selection phase takes place. All STAR students will write a motivation letter and conduct an interview with the selection committee. The 10 best students will be offered a course in grant writing and will take on an AIMMS staff member with whom they will formulate a PhD research proposal. In May 2015, the four most talented AIMMS STAR students will be granted a PhD position to execute their own antimicrobial research proposal.

More information on the STAR graduate programme.

Selected students
Biomolecular Sciences
Marwa al Bahloul (2530579)
Stijn Boonstra (2537831)
Hendrik Brink (2042568)
Simei Go (2037386)
Maurice Steenhuis

Drug Discovery and Safety
Gabiela Arias Alpizar (2518104)
Maarten Bebelman (2117932)
Sergei Chavez Abiega (2533133)
Niek Dirks (2077515)
Rianne Haumann (1894374)
Floran Hendriks (2094908)
Maurits Krol (2541348)
Ken Lion (2524855)
Banu Olmez (2062410)
Sandra Ortega Ugalde (2536211)
Leo Smit (2071428)

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Coco van Boxtel (UvA; 2543637 VU)
Roebi de Bruijn (UvA; 2546776 VU)
Ioanna Chatzigiannidou (UvA; 2547212 VU)
Paul de Geest (2545944)
Laura Hoekstra (UvA; 2021927 VU)
Michiel van Ooijen (2536304)
Josan Yauw (UvA; 1893106 VU)