PhD conferral Yu Mu



Aula, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Management of service innovation quality

Yu Mu

Prof. Dr. Ir. B.A.G. Bossink, copromotor Dr. G.T. Vinig

Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems


PhD conferral

Yu Mu

Management of service innovation quality

Service innovation is an engine for the economic growth of healthcare and other service sectors. Yu Mu's research focuses, among other topics, on the service innovation projects in Dutch healthcare. These projects include “apps with medical instructions for patients”, “websites of medical consultation”, “e-health platforms and modules”, “introduction of lean management in healthcare” and so on. Her research analyzes the paths and processes of producing high-quality healthcare service innovations. She discusses the pathways in which managers and employees can contribute to value creation through healthcare service innovations. Besides, she studies the way in which Ctrip (the largest online travel agency in China) organizes the service innovation process, and investigates service innovation projects in theme parks and airlines.

The above studies focus on the construction and testing of frameworks that describe and structure management of service innovation in various sectors. An important conclusion from the research is that market and profit thinking alone is insufficient for high-quality service innovations. Inspired by Dutch healthcare practices, high-quality service innovations in projects are highly dependent on the continuous improvement driven by organizations, the extent to which the organizations encourage and facilitate service innovations, the extent to which employees are engaged in coming up with service innovations, and the extent to which top managers are involved in implementing these service innovations.