PhD Day



Kerkzaal (HG-16A00)

PhD Day

Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences


Conference / Symposium / Seminar

The PhD Day is organised by VU PhD Gatherings, Forum for Young Scientists & Young.VU and sponsored by AIMMS

This is the schedule of the PhD Day:

9:00-9:15Welcome and coffee and tea
9:15-9:30Opening speech: Nana de Graaff, Director of Academic Programme of the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
9:30-12:45Workshop 1: Negotiating in Academia/ with coffee/tea break
14:00-16:00Workshop 2: Thinking about Your (Academic) Career with coffee/tea break and muffins
16:00-17:30Workshop 3: Relaxation and Meditation

Note : As many  have registered, the workshops have now reached their full capacity. This means there are PhDs who would still like to join for the workshops, but can’t right now due to the number of registrations.

They are now put on a waiting list. If you registered for the PhD Day, but you can’t make it for (part of) the day after all, please let us know! Then the PhDs on the waiting list can join

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