Workshop on Active learning



O|2 Auditorium, VU

Workshop on Active learning

Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems


Course / training

Fed up with the classical way of teaching? Would you like students to be less passive? Within AIMMS there is a lot of expertise and knowledge about the use of active learning to engage your students more. Changes in course design will be discussed, but also tools which can help students in their learning process. It will be shown how these tools are beneficial for students and teachers alike. Both theoretical and practical courses will be discussed. The workshop is organised byJacqueline van Muijlwijk.


What we will do on this day:

Active learning in a theoretical course

14:30               Theoretical background / problem

14:45               Blended learning and ownership

15:15               Flipping the classroom

15:30               How to blend or flip + discussion

15:45               Break

16:15               Software tool for active learning + discussion

16:35               3D reasoning + VR+ discussion/demo

Active learning in a practical course

17:00               Tools - Electronic labjournals + dicussion

17:15               Understanding – Labbuddy + discussion

17:35               Wrap up – support

17:45               Drinks

Attendance is free of charge, but you should register here before April 26.