Nauta Master Classes

09/26/2016 | 09/30/2016

VU University Amsterdam

Nauta Master Classes: “The Chemistry-Biology Interface: Merging Organic Chemistry and Biology to Inspire Drug Discovery”

Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences


Course / training

Mon 26/9
11:00-12:00      Auditorium    Seminar "Biology Oriened Synthesis"
16:00                                   Plenary Talk "Small Molecule Modulation of K-Ras Signalling"
19:00                                   Dinner with Nauta Foundation

Tue 27/9
09:00-11:00                         Discussions
11:00-12:00     01-W-08        Seminar "Phenotype - Chemotype - Target"

Wed 28/9
09:00-11:00                         Discussions
11:00-12:00     Auditorium     Seminar "How to Manoever the Academia-Industry Interface"

Thu 29/9
09:00-11:00                         Discussions

Fri 30/9
09:00-11:00                         Discussions

Participation in Nauta Master Classes is free of charge but registration is required: