VU courses

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers a variety of courses and training programmes for PhD students, including a course on scientific integrity that is mandatory for all PhD candidates that started after 1 April 2015. An overview of PhD courses organized by the VU can be found here.


- Scientific integrity course: All PhD candidates that started after 1 April 2015 are required to take a course on scientific integrity. You will be invited to join this course after your form I and TSP have been approved by the Dean. Please contact Maaike Croes in case of questions regarding the scientific integrity course.

- Advanced academic writing course: This course gives you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses concerning written academic English. It shows you what you can do to improve your confidence in the short term, helps you to eradicate those silly mistakes, and gives you new options for expressing complex ideas in well-structured English sentences, so that you can add some variation to your writing.

- Concise formulation course: This course is designed for any small group of PhD researchers who are in an advanced stage of writing and who are interested in increasing the attractiveness and sharpness of their writing. The focus is on promoting concision without losing precision.

Training programmes

- Career orientation training: The training career orientation will motivate you to think about the direction of your career. You will develop, among other things, transferable skills regarding the next step in your career.

- PhD success and personal efficacy training: As a PhD candidate at the beginning of your research, you will have to become familiar with your area of research in a short time, and learn how to determine the path you will follow. In this training, you will learn to set your own goals, to develop a strategy for realizing them and to communicate about them with others.

- Skill development workshop & Talent management workshop: These workshop sessions are aimed to a) Reach a better understanding of the academic and industry related Dutch labor markets and their relevant cultural differences and sensitivities, b) Provide tips and tricks helpful in engaging with these differences and sensitivities strategically, c) Enhance the understanding of acquired skills and capabilities of PhD candidates and ways in which they can showcase them in order to achieve a satisfactory career development.


An overview of other VU courses for researchers can be found here.