The organization of the Amsterdam Insitute of Molecular and Life Sciences consists of a management team, which is monitored by the supervisory board and advised by the external scientific advisory board, and supporting staff.

Management team

The management team consists of:


three department heads

Supporting staff

The supporting staff consists of:

Supervisory board

The supervisory board consists of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Guus Schreiber, and the Research Director of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Jacqueline Broerse.

Scientific advisory board

The management team and the supervisory board are advised by an external scientific advisory board. This board consist of experts from main scientific areas represented in AIMMS. These experts are:

  • Prof. dr. Martin van den Berg, Professor of Toxicology at the University of Utrecht
  • Dr. Daniela Couto, Principal at BGV
  • Dr. Adriano Henney, Chairman of The Board at Avicenna Alliance for Predictive Medicine
  • Prof. dr. Nicholas Turner: Professor of Chemical Biology at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, University of Manchester

Policy plans, reports and evaluations will be submitted for consultation to this external committee.