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PhD projects bridged

PhD projects bridged

To stimulate overarching research activities, AIMMS offers grants for so-called PhD projects bridged. These PhD projects bridge at least two AIMMS research groups, within one or in between two AIMMS programmes. PhD students perform their research on the intersection of these disciplines.

Grants for PhD projects bridged are a form of complementary funding to promote the objectives AIMMS, based on co-financing principles. These grants offer PhD students the opportunity to start with or to intensify multidisciplinary research based on collaboration, to investigate biological processes from molecules up to systems and networks level at the campus of VU University Amsterdam.

Seven PhD projects bridged have recently started:

  • GPCR-mediated oncogenic signaling
  • Spider in the web
  • Novel bioactives on brain receptors
  • Drug-induced genome instability
  • Acetogenins
  • Tumorigenesis: systems biology I
  • Tumorigenesis: systems biology II

Read here the story of Azra Delic, the first PhD student on a project bridged.

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