Nilgun Yilmaz MSc.

PhD student

Nilgun Yilmaz MSc. studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bilkent University (Turkey) and graduated in 2009. She obtained her Master’s degree from the Molecular Biosciences Program, Major Systems Biology at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) in 2011. During her Master’s programme, she collaborated with VU University Amsterdam, with the Molecular Cell Physiology research group for her thesis project. Now, she is a PhD student in the same research group and she is still working on the same project, modeling of Nuclear Hormone Receptors, as well as many other modeling projects.

Apart from her educational background, Yilmaz has been particularly interested in the computational biology field and has been part of many bioinformatics projects, in different departments such as Husar Group at the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg (Germany) and BBSI@Pitt ’08 Program at the University of Pittsburgh (United States). Her main interest is understanding the human metabolic system by combining various fields and using systems biology perspectives from molecules to population.