Lando Wolters MSc.

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+31 20 59 87546
faculteit der exacte wetenschappen ( theoretische chemie )
PhD student

Lando Wolters MSc. is performing his PhD research in the Biocomputational Chemistry research group. He studies the fundamental aspects of the oxidative addition process; a key step in many catalytic processes. Using results from advanced quantum chemical computer simulations, an understanding of the process and the role of the catalyst is developed, explained with a model rooted in physics. The long-term aim is to rationally design catalysts with the desired efficiency and selectivity. Furthermore, Wolters studies halogen-bonding interactions, which are biologically relevant. Using the same methodology, a detailed description of the bonding mechanism is provided. Both projects initially started with thorough analyses on small model systems and have evolved towards the investigation of larger and more realistic molecular systems. To understand these larger systems, a fundamental understanding of the chemistry involved is of paramount importance.

Apart from these two research lines, Wolters works on topics from a wide variety of fields in chemistry as a supervisor of bachelor and master students, as well as via collaborations with several international (experimental) research groups. Click here for his LinkedIn profile.

Ancillary activities

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