Prof. dr. Bas Teusink

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+31 20 59 89435
faculteit der aard- en levenswetenschappen ( subafdeling systeembioinformatica )

Prof. dr. Bas Teusink studied (Bio)Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam and performed his PhD research in the field of theoretical biochemistry at the same university. During his PhD research, he studied the dynamics of glycolysis in yeast and then he switched to biomedical research at TNO Prevention and Health in Leiden, where he studied lipid and glucose metabolism in mouse models.

Starting in 2003, Teusink has been building genome-scale metabolic models for managing and interpreting functional genomics data and to study the physiology of microorganisms. In 2008, Teusink became professor of Systems Biology and Integrative Bioinformatics at VU University Amsterdam, where he expanded these research approaches. His group focuses on the use of constraint-optimization techniques to investigate what aspects of biological systems have been optimized through evolution. The group members work at different levels of detail and abstraction, with the specific goal to integrate these approaches at the theoretical, computational and experimental level.  

Ancillary activities

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