Ing. Andrea van de Stolpe

+31 20 59 87604
faculteit der exacte wetenschappen ( farmacochemie )

Ing. Andrea van de Stolpe studied Chemistry at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She performed her final traineeship at the research lab of BYK Netherlands under the supervision of Geert-Jan Sterk, in a synthesis project on putative anti-inflammatory β2-agonists. In 1993, van de Stolpe was recruited to VU University Amsterdam as a technician in a project on the synthesis of dual H1- LTD4-antagonists. In 1995, she became technician at the Medicinal Chemistry research group. In the past years, she synthesized and performed binding and functional studies of histamine H3- and H4-ligands. Besides, she synthesized compounds for the neglected diseases project, tool compounds for CXCR4 research and a fluorescent label.

Currently, van de Stolpe is working as a senior technician in the Medicinal Chemistry research group at VU University. She supports the chemistry of research projects, manages the labs, maintains laboratory equipment, administers the compound library, supports Bachelor’s and Master’s students with their traineeships and teaches practical courses for Bachelor’s students. She is also involved in some PR-practical courses for high school students.