Dr. Chris Slootweg

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Assistant professor

Dr. Chris Slootweg studied Chemistry at VU University Amsterdam. During his Master’s at the University of Sussex (UK), he was introduced to the fields silicion chemistry and homogenous catalysis. In 2005, Slootweg obtained his PhD degree on highly strained organophosphorus compounds. As a post-doctoral researcher, he studied C-H activation at the ETH Zürich (Switzerland), for which he received a TALENT stipend from NWO.

In 2006, Slootweg returned as an assistant professor to the VU. He is exploring his interests in main-group chemistry and organometallic chemistry with the aim of developing novel building blocks for the creation of functional materials and designed catalyst structures for sustainable chemistry.

Since 2013, Slootweg is coordinating the Marie Curie Initial Training Network SusPhos, targeting the eco-friendly production, smart use, recycling and commercial exploitation of phosphorus-based processes and materials that use the precious element phosphorus in a sustainable manner. In that same year he received a VIDI grant on main-group chemistry and catalysis from the NWO. In May 2014, Slootweg was promoted associate professor.

Ancillary activities

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