Phillipp Schmidt MSc.

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faculteit der aard- en levenswetenschappen ( subafdeling systeembioinformatica )
PhD student

Phillipp Schmidt MSc. obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biophysics in 2013 at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin. In 2015, he obtained his Master’s degree in Systems Biology at VU University Amsterdam.

Currently, Schmidt is performing his PhD research in the Systems Bioinformatics research group, under supervision of Prof. Bas Teusink and Prof. Frank Bruggeman. He is working within the BE Basic AMBIC (Advanced Microbial Biofuels and Chemicals) project and focuses on the study of heterogeneity under zero-growth conditions. He uses RNA FISH to quantify gene expression at the single cell level. With this method, single mRNA molecules for a specific gene are labeled and made visible with fluorescence microscopy. The resulting distributions can identify subpopulations that would remain hidden with the us of population based measurements.

Ancillary activities

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