Matthijs van Lint MSc.

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PhD student

Matthijs van Lint MSc. started his academic training in the field of Biomedical Sciences, but slowly drifted towards the field of Chemistry. After obtaining both Bachelor's degrees at the VU University Amsterdam, he continued his study there and completed a Master in Organic Chemistry (specialization Molecular Design synthesis & Catalysis). During his major internship in the group of Ruijter & Orru, he developed an interest for total synthesis of natural compounds while working on a novel strategy for the synthesis of camptothecin (CPT, a DNA topoisomerase inhibitor). 

Because of his interest in both chemistry and biology, van Lint pursued a joint PhD project at the Amsterdam Institute for Molecules Medicins and Systems (AIMMS), under the supervision of Prof. Romano Orru, Dr Eelco Ruijter (Synthetic and Bio-Organic Chemistry), Prof. Hans Westerhoff and Rob van Spanning (Molecular Cell Physiology). This transdisciplinary project on Complex I (NADH-dehydrogenase) inhibitors, focusses on the stereoselective synthesis of natural products (Annonaceous acetogenins) for inhibition of Complex I to effect selective antitumor activity and toxicity.