Chimed Jansen MSc.

+31 20 59 85586
faculteit der exacte wetenschappen ( farmacochemie )
PhD student

Chimed Jansen MSc. obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at VU University Amsterdam in 2008. During his Bachelor’s he performed two internships; regarding the role of positive charge on nitrogen of substrates for CYP2D6 and the synthesis of dihydropyrimidines using green chemistry. Thereafter, Jansen obtained his Master’s degree cum laude in Drug Discovery and Safety, specialization Drug Design and Synthesis. Research topics involved Random Acceleration Molecular Dynamics, the optimisation of benzoate tropine esters using structure based design applied to the AChBP model of nAChR and the role of thermodynamics in drug design.

In 2009, Jansen started his PhD in the Medicinal Chemistry research group at VU University. As Jansen spent time working on both computational drug design and synthesis during his study, he is now able to apply his experience in both areas to the parasite phosphodiesterase (PDE) project. Initially, his work focussed on the development of an in silico screening protocol applying the data available from the many PDE crystal structures and in particular the Leishmania PDEB1 crystal structure. Currently, the primary goal of his work regards the design and synthesis of ligands selective towards Leishmania or Trypanosoma PDEs over human PDEs.