Gydo van der Heijden MSc.

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PhD student

Gydo van der Heijden MSc. studied Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree cum laude in 2010 and his Master’s degree cum laude in 2012. During his Master’s, he worked as a student assistant and taught chemistry tutorials to first year Biology and Bèta-gamma students.

In 2012, van der Heijden started his PhD research in the Synthetic & Bio-organic Chemistry research group of professor Romano Orru at VU University. He works on asymmetric multi-component reactions by combining these reactions with biocatalysis. This research is part of the Chem21 project, which involves the generation of methods that can make drug development more environmentally friendly. His research interests include biocatalysis, organocatalysis and multicomponent reactions for the construction of complex small molecules.