Two Marie Curie fellowships for interdisciplinary research in Theoretical Chemistry

The group of Prof Paola Gori-Giorgi will host two Marie Curie fellows who will work on interdisciplinary fundamental research at the forefront of Mathematics, Physics and Theoretical Chemistry.

02/14/2018 | 10:16 AM

Augusto_GerolinAugusto Gerolin is a young mathematician who will work on the formal aspects of an original approach developed by Gori-Giorgi and her coworker Michael Seidl to attack the long-standing problem of correlation between the electrons in quantum chemical calculations. This approach can be mapped into an optimal transport problem, a field of Mathematics and Economics, which was the subject of Gerolin's PhD thesis. His Marie Curie fellowship has been awarded by the Mathematics panel. 

Ziad_MusslimaniZiad Musslimani is full professor at Florida State University. He will use his long-standing expertise in modeling Bose-Einstein condensation and systems in the presence of disorder to apply the same methodology developed by Gori-Giorgi and coworkers to these kind of problems, addressing several interesting physical questions. His Marie Curie fellowship has been awarded by the Physics panel.