Janssen Vice Presidents’ Research Award for Ewoud van Tricht

Ewoud van Tricht (PhD student in the Biomolecular Analysis research group) has received the Janssen Vice Presidents’ Research Award, where he works as scientist in the Analytical Development group (Janssen Vaccines and Prevention).

05/03/2018 | 3:46 PM

Van Tricht was awarded the prize together with Lars Geurink. They received the award for their groundbreaking analytical method to determine adenovirus concentration in the control of vaccine production.

Using Capillary Zone Electrophoresis (CZE) instead of PCR, they decreased the time needed for analysis from three days to three minutes. The established analytical technique is described in a paper by Ewoud, Govert Somsen and co-workers in Talanta and was presented by Ewoud during the last AIMMS Annual Meeting.


Lars (middle) and Ewoud (right) receive the VP award from Dirk de Smaele, Global Head Small Molecule Development (left).

Picture by Janssen.