New Director and Managing director for AIMMS

As of 1 January, Bas Teusink (Systems Bioinformatics, MCB) will be the new Director of AIMMS and Jurgen Haanstra the new Managing director. They are the successors of Nico Vermeulen and Ellen Langemeijer.

12/21/2017 | 10:21 AM

Nico and Ellen were thanked for their excellent work for AIMMS at the AIMMS end-of year drinks. This was also the time to thank AIMMS fundraiser Maartje de Snoo, who will also leave AIMMS at the end of the year. Nico had nice words for Ellen and Maartje and presented them gifts from the S&F department and AIMMS.

The dean, Guus Schreiber, was also there to thank Nico and Ellen for their work for AIMMS and handed out even more gifts. Bas Teusink, the new director, then swiftly wrapped up the speeches through some words to Nico.

End-of-year drinks

Al in all, the AIMMS end-of-year drinks was a well-attended get-together, with nice chats about 2017 and the site visit, drinks and snacks and Christmas songs that were beautifully sung by the VU chamber choir.