AIMMS researchers develop device for rapid and accurate analysis of water samples

AIMMS researchers Jeroen Kool (Biomolecular Analysis) and Marja Lamoree (Environmental Bioanalytical Chemistry) have developed the FractioMate: an extremely accurate instrument that enables the rapid identification of mixtures of harmful substances in the environment.

12/14/2017 | 3:49 PM

The device is developed in collaboration with the VU Technology Centre, and is based on an existing Spark Holland device. Recently, VU Amsterdam, NWO (TTW) and Spark Holland have signed a cooperation agreement for the first deliveries of the FractioMate.

Thousands of different substances

The FractioMate is an instrument that can accurately divide (fractionate) thousands of different substances in a water sample, based on their chemical properties. Measuring these fractions separately with toxicological tests and chemical techniques allows the (polluting) substances in the water to be examined more accurately, compared to analyzing the water sample as a whole.

Both chemical and biological analysis of water samples can be coordinated quickly and accurately by the FractioMate. Within this NWO-TTW project, The Water Laboratory (Haarlem) was also closely involved as a partner and first user. IXA has supervised the development of the cooperation.

Picture: Marja Lamoree (left) and Jeroen Kool (right) with the FractioMate in the middle (Picture Bas Aalbersberg).