AIMMS researchers co-authors of recently published book ‘Mighty Microbes’

‘Mighty Microbes’ contains 67 chapters showing the importance of microorganisms for our health, environment and the Earth. Multiple AIMMS researchers have contributed to the international book, that was recently published.

11/10/2017 | 3:21 PM

The lavishly illustrated book aims to show that, rather than just being “germs”, microbes are also essential for our health, environment, the Earth and its sustainable future.

AIMMS contribution
Joen Luirink was one of the editors of the book. Besides his contribution, AIMMS researchers Fred Boogerd, Rob van Spanning, Bas Teusink and Wilbert Bitter were co-authors of the book. They contributed to the chapters The first microbe, Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria: Respiration without oxygen, Lactic acid bacteria: Cash cows of microbiology and The tubercle bacillus: An indestructible pathogen? respectively.

Besides the contribution of the AIMMS members, also other VU researchers, like Prof. Nico van Straalen, and international experts like Craig Venter, Jennifer Doudna and Rino Rappuoli contributed to the book.

Want to buy ‘Mighty Microbes’?
The book ‘Might Microbes’ can be bought via (39.50 Euros). Profits (if any) go to the Microcanon Foundation.