Célia Fonseca Guerra Extraordinary Professor at Leiden University

From 1 February, Associate Professor Célia Fonseca Guerra (Theoretical Chemistry) has been appointed Extraordinary Professor of Applied Theoretical Chemistry at the Leiden University.

03/08/2017 | 10:54 AM

Célia Fonseca GuerraIn Leiden, Professor Fonseca Guerra will join the Theoretical Chemistry research group of Professor Geert-Jan Kroes within the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC). She will work on supramolecular (bio)inorganic systems and reinforce the collaboration with professor Lies Bouwman of the MCBIM group (Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics & Inorganic Chemistry). This will strengthen the fundamental research in the focus areas Energy & Sustainability and Chemical Biology in Leiden.

Fonseca Guerra’s appointment in Leiden also enhances the visibility of the VU departments of Theoretical Chemistry and of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences and boosts the cohesion with the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry (HRSMC).