AIMMS welcomes Department of Environment and Health as new member

The AIMMS Management Team is happy to announce that the Department of Environment and Health has joined AIMMS as of 1 January 2017.

02/16/2017 | 8:50 AM

The Department of Environment and Health (E&H) was newly established on 1 January of this year. Within this FALW-department, researchers from the former sections of Chemistry and Biology (IVM), and Health and Life Sciences work together to strengthen our understanding of the impact of environmental contaminants on human health and the environment.

Jacob_de_BoerHead of Department, Prof. Jacob de Boer, is pleased to become a part of AIMMS: "Joining AIMMS provides the opportunity of working together with other scientists and the additional facilities in the O|2 building, offering new opportunities to improve our research output and facilitating novel collaborations and research topics". 

The Department of Environment and Health consists of three research groups:
1) Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, 2) Environmental Bioanalytical Chemistry, and 3) Environmental Health and Toxicology. At the moment, the E&H groups are still housed in the W&N building at the VU campus, but the move to the 2nd floor in O|2 is planned in the coming months, thus facilitating integration and closer co-operation with other groups in AIMMS.

Translational research
AIMMS Director Nico Vermeulen: "With the integration of this recently formed VU department, AIMMS further strengthens its translational research chain (from molecule to humans), e.g. through analysis of contaminants in the environment up to exposure of and effects of such compounds and their metabolites in humans, and related epidemiologic studies. Nice examples are the LINC study on environmental chemicals and child health, and the DENAMIC project, aimed at investigating the effect of prenatal exposure to chemical mixtures on neurobehavioral development in children".

More information regarding the Department of Environment and Health can be found on the FALW-website.