AIMMS Seminar: Prof. Maurice Franssen


16.00 - 17.00h

Auditorium, O|2 building

AIMMS Seminar: About enzymes and mass spectrometry: from monomers to polymers and back

Prof. Maurice Franssen (Bio-Organic Chemistry, Wageningen University)

Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems



Maurice_FranssenProf. Maurice Franssen (Bio-Organic Chemistry, Wageningen University) will provide an AIMMS Seminar on 28 March entitled 'About enzymes and mass spectrometry: from monomers to polymers and back'.

You are all cordially invited!


In this presentation I will highlight recent results in two research lines that are going on in my lab. The first one concerns the enzyme-mediated modification of polymers. Polymeric membranes are very important separation devices for beer filtration, desalination etc., but they suffer from fouling by biomacromolecules. We have shown that it is possible to make poly(ethersulfone) membranes antifouling by enzymatically grafting polymer chains from the membrane. Recently we have discovered what the actual fate is of the monomers and what the likely structure of the polymer is by following the enzymatic polymerisation in time and synthesis of putative dimers.

The second topic is about the analysis of polymers using Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (LAESI-MS). I will show that this technique enables the direct analysis of polymeric fibres without addition of any matrix or other additives, at ambient conditions. Also fibre finishes can be easily analysed by this technique.

Maurice Franssen

- 1982 MSc at “Catholic University Nijmegen”, majors in Organic Chemistry (natural product synthesis) and Biochemistry (enzymology)
- 1987 PhD at Wageningen University, labs of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, on the application of haloperoxidases in organic chemistry
- 1987 Assistant Professor, Lab. of Organic Chemistry, Wageningen University
- 1989 sabbatical at MIT, lab. of prof. Alex Klibanov, working on enzymes in organic solvents
- 1999 Associate Professor, Lab. of Organic Chemistry, Wageningen University
- Main interests: enzymatic modification of surfaces, enzyme immobilisation, chemo-enzymatic conversion of biobased compounds, novel mass spectrometric methods