AIMMS Seminar: Prof. Gonzalo Blay


16.00 - 17.00h

Room 01W08, O|2 Lab Building

AIMMS Seminar: Asymmetric conjugate addition reactions

Prof. Gonzalo Blay (Organic Chemistry, University of Valencia, Spain)

Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems



Prof. Gonzalo Blay (Organic Chemistry, University of Valencia, Spain) will provide an AIMMS Seminar on 1 June entitled 'Asymmetric conjugate addition reactions'.

You are all cordially invited!


Nucleophilic addition to prochiral electrophilic alkenes stands as one of the most straightforward procedures for the formation of C-C bonds generating a new stereogenic center. In this lecture, the latest achievements of the group on the development of the enantioselective conjugate addition of alkynes to unsaturated carbonyl compounds using zinc and copper catalysis will be disclosed. Furthermore, recent results on the conjugate addition of malonic esters to unsaturated imines will be discussed.

Prof. Gonzalo Blay

Gonzalo Blay was born in Real de Gandia (Valencia) in 1964. He studied chemistry at the University of Valencia where he obtained his master degree in 1987 and his PhD in 1992 working on the "Synthesis of bioactive sesquiterpene lactones". In 1992 he obtained a position as Assistant Professor at the department of Organic chemistry, University of Valencia, and then move to the Agricultural University of Wageningen to carry out a post-doctoral stay with Professor Aede de Groot working on the "Application of tosyl methyl isocyanide in the total synthesis of terpenes" (1993-1994). Back in the University of Valencia, he obtained in 1996 a tenured position as Associate Professor and in 2012 he was appointed Full Professor at the Department of Organic Chemistry.

His current research interest involves the development of catalytic synthetic methodologies, in particular catalytic aerobic oxidations and asymmetric catalysis.

He has been invited researcher at the Center for Catalysis, University of Aarhus (Denmark) with Professor Karl Anker Jorgensen, and has given lectures at the University of Amsterdam (VU), Complutense University of Madrid and Groningen University.

He is co-author of about 125 papers, a book on anabolic steroids and a workbook on structural determination of organic compounds.