AIMMS Seminar: Dr Frans Griepink


16.00 - 17.00h

Auditorium, O|2 building

AIMMS Seminar: Insects, Grab them by the antennae

Dr Frans Griepink (Pherobank BV)

Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems



Frans_GriepinkDr Frans Griepink (Pherobank BV) will provide an AIMMS Seminar on 6 April entitled 'Insects, Grab them by the antennae'.

You are all cordially invited!





Insects communicate in several ways. They can often see and hear/feel quite well. Nevertheless, communication through chemical cues is considered most important. For example night-flying male moths can only find their partners through volatile chemicals emitted by the female. These so-called pheromones can be synthesised and used to manipulate the behaviour of the insect. In this way we can create environmental friendly tools for growers which enables them to reduce the use of conventional insecticides.