AIMMS Seminar Series: Lecture



W&N building, C-121, VU University Amsterdam

AIMMS Seminar Series: Lecture

Dr. Tanneke den Blaauwen




Dr. Tanneke den Blaauwen, assistant professor in molecular dynamics of the cell cycle at the University of Amsterdam, will present a lecture in our AIMMS Seminar Series.

You are all cordially invited!

Seminar abstract
Studying bacterial cell division and inhibition - FtsZ as a case study of target driven development of antibiotics

Bacterial infections are increasingly difficult to treat due to the worldwide increase in antibiotic resistance. This problem can be solved by reducing the amount of antibiotics used for veterinary and medical applications and by the developing new antibiotics.

One of the new antibiotics bacterial targets is bacterial cell division, which is initiated by the polymerization of a tubulin-like cytoskeletal essential protein FtsZ into a ring-like structure at mid cell. During its assembly many proteins associate to facilitate the correct conformation and position of the so-called Z-ring. Subsequently, the cell envelope synthases and their regulators are recruited and two new cell poles are synthesized.

The inhibition of cell division leads to filamentation and cell death. Consequently, FtsZ is a well-acknowledged new antibiotic target and one of the many published FtsZ inhibitors cures mice from MRSA (multi drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection.

The presentation will discuss bacterial cell division, rational drug design to inhibit FtsZ polymerization and if time permits a FRET assay for in vivo screening of FtsZ inhibitors.