Post-doc training and opportunities

AIMMS aims to continuously increase the quality of its research programmes by offering ambitious post-doc career opportunities and creating a dedicated international network for spotting talented post-doc candidates.

Moreover, AIMMS wants actively stimulate and coach post-docs to compete for personal grant programmes at the national (e.g. Veni-, Vidi- and Vici-programmes) and international (e.g. Marie Curie fellowships and ERC grants) level.

Many AIMMS research groups participate in EU Marie Curie, EU COST or EU IMI-JU training programmes or are part of other international educational programmes. These programmes are important for strengthening the international profile of the institute and are crucial for spotting new PhD- and post-doc talent.

Concurrently, approximately 40 post-docsĀ contribute to projects within the AIMMS research groups.