What an AIMMS PhD student should do/know

Within 3 months of the PhD start date, each PhD Student is required to fill out the new Training Table Form, print and sign it and send it for approval to his/her supervisor. 

New in this form is the table of foreseen Training that a new PhD student will follow in the years of PhD research. This includes the Scientific Integrity Course (obligatory, 2 ECs), skill training (e.g. Manage your PhD), scientific training (AIMMS courses, external courses, AIMMS seminars,MSc courses, etc.), conference visits, oral and poster presentations, BSc/ MSc student supervision etc. See the PhD courses section for more information.

Download the AIMMS PhD Programme Actions and Timelines here.

Download the AIMMS Guidelines PhD Training and Supervision Plan here.

Download the AIMMS Form PhD Training and Supervision Plan here.