The research groups within AIMMS offer students the possibility to conduct a research internship under supervision of a PhD student or post-doc. Internships are possible for both Bachelor's and Master's students from VU Amsterdam, other universities and higher vocational schools (HLO).


All AIMMS groups have a unique research profile. Therefore, you first select a research group you wish to conduct the internship in. First read the information about the preferred research group carefully to verify it matches your own research interests.

Subsequently, you can contact the listed group leader per e-mail. State clearly what educational level you possess, what techniques you have experience with and how long the internship should last. Also attach your CV and a brief motivation (200 words).

Please note: the supply in internship possibilities varies per research group and period in the academic year, due to staffing and educational commitments in several Bachelor's and Master's programmes at VU Amsterdam.