Education and training

The success of a research institute largely depends largely on the quality of its ‘human capital’. AIMMS puts a high premium on highest quality education for its Master’s and PhD students. Concurrently, AIMMS is an attractive host to talented post-docs and tenured staff, as these are crucially important categories of human scientific capital.

The ambition of AIMMS is to contribute to existing and to future graduate educations, offering Master’s programmes to preparing students for PhD positions and other career opportunities. A strong integration of the best research and training will ensure an output of highly qualified graduates at both at Master’s and PhD levels. 

Research groups participating in AIMMS already play a major role in a range of established and accredited Master’s and PhD programmes. Moreover, AIMMS participates in several acclaimed graduate research schools, such as LACDR, HRSMC, NRSCC and BCA.