The organization of the Amsterdam Insitute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems consists of a management team, which is monitored by the supervisory board and advised by the external scientific advisory board.


Organogram of the Amsterdam Insitute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems

Management team

The management team meets on a biweekly basis and takes responsibility for: 

  • Preparation of long-term and annual policy plans
  • Preparation of annual reports and standard protocol evaluations
  • Approval of research projects
  • Decision on further approval for projects that fail to meet the quality parameters
  • Suggestions to the supervisory board of appoinments at chair level and membership of the scientific advisory board

The management team consists of:


The scientific director and managing director are responsible for the operational management of AIMMS. 

Supervisory board

The supervisory board consists of the dean of the participating faculty: Prof. Guus Schreiber

Scientific advisory board

The management team and the supervisory board are advised by an external scientific advisory board. This board consist of experts from main academic areas represented in AIMMS, which are: 

  • Prof. dr. Ada Kruisbeek: founder of the VU-VUmc Technology Transfer Office and CSO of DCPrime
  • Dr. Ton Rijnders: scientific director of Top Institute Pharma
  • Prof. dr. Nick Turner: groupleader at the Manchester Interdisicplinary Biocentre and director of the Centre of Excellence in Biocatalysis
  • Prof. dr. Jacob de Vlieg: groupleader at the Center of Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics and CEO at the Netherlands eScience Center

Policy plans, reports and evaluations will be submitted for consultation to this external committee. The management team and the supervisory board meet at least once a year with the scientific advisory board.

Management support staff

  • Secretariat of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences